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Lasing MicroSystems Division  develops advanced laser material processing systems for multiple applications applied to semiconductors, electronics, medical and precision engineering markets.
  • Lasing’s designs integrate the best quality components from leading worldwide companies as Newport and Spectra-Physics, meeting the most demanding requirements.
  • Worldwide service and support ensures satisfactory installations with advanced customer trainings and reliable operation.
  • Lasing develops advanced programming solutions for each applications market.

Laser Marking


Laser sources are widely used for small-, medium- and large- scale component marking, identification and traceability in a rapid flexible process of patterns like texts, 2D barcodes/data matrices, logos, bitmaps or any geometric shape.

Laser engraving


Laser provides significant advantages for engraving applications, like flexibility, depth, surface finishing and pattern size.

Laser structuring


High Speed laser material processing with low thermal effects provides higher flexibility comparing it with mechanical tools.


Latest news

21 Jun09:03am

SPECTRA-PHYSICS release the NEW Spirit HE 1040-30

Industrial Femtosecond Lasers • High average power and high puls[...]

21 Jun09:00am

SPECTRA-PHYSICS launches the NEW IceFyre 1064-50

Redefining Picosecond Lasers for Precision Micromachinning • Industry-leading cost-performance and[...]

27 May17:39pm

Spectra Physics Quasar. Lasin Microsystems
SPECTRA-PHYSICS introduces >95 W green hybrid fiber laser

Programmable pulses, high pulse energy for high throughput, precision manufacturing.[...]

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